Who We Are

Who we are

The Neighbourhood Coffee House & Eatery, is a local cafe and bakery, serving great food and home baked produce daily. We are located at the heart of the Doughiskacommunity on the outskirts of Galway City.

It was evident from a young age the importance of customer service and how a local business is not simply just a business but rather a meeting place for people to meet and have a chat while carrying out their weekly shop or having a coffee. This was something we wanted to create when setting up the neighbourhood cafe.

Growing up in a family business the love of food produce and business was sparked. I saw the need for a local hub and meeting place to bring the people of Doughiska and the surrounding area together.

In November 2019, the ideal of The Neighbourhood Café, became a reality and we are glad to say we haven’t looked back since, thanks to you all our great customers!

Where the bakery started

Our house was always full of delicious smells, from tasty dinners to delicious home baking. Baking played a pivotal role in our childhood and was part of our everyday life. Our mum ‘Beatrice’ always talked about having her own bakery, and in 2011 this dream became a reality in a non- traditional way. The bakery began above our family shop in a small kitchen, firstly with brown bread and scones and then cakes, buns, tarts, which has further developed to large product range which can be seen in our bakery section.

The bakery has expanded at a rate that has exceeded our expectations and now we have the pleasure of having an amazing bakery team on board to help us meet our daily demands. We have provided homes with their yearly Christmas dessert traditions whether it be our famous Toblerone Cheesecake or our mouth-wateringMince Pies. This is something that we are so proud to be a part of.

Our ethos is ‘Simple food, done well’.
Mission: to deliver quality food, exceptional customer service and create friendships through our customer base.

Our goal is to create a friendly environment within the community where people can come together to catch up and socialise over great food and even better coffee.